Secret Missions - our biggest DLC yet - is now available for Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation!

Posted on Thursday, February 1, 2018

Build new units, conquer challenging scenarios, and engage in massive multiplayer battles on enormous maps in Secret Missions!
Support for the DLC and additional fixes and changes available in the free v2.7 update today.
See the changelog at the bottom of the post for all of the details.

Ashes DLC - Get it Now
Also available from Steam

Exciting new scenarios, new units, and huge maps await you in Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation’s largest DLC yet! Take on the role of a PHC leader and conquer dangerous missions where the odds are stacked against you, or join with the Substrate to repel your PHC oppressors.
Secret Missions DLC Core Features
-------------- NEW UNITS --------------

PHC Atlas

PHC Atlas

This anti-air, anti-drone frigate is an excellent line of defense against Drone Hives. Since it only costs metal and doesn't require radioactives, the Atlas is a less powerful, but inexpensive, alternative to the Apollo cruiser.


Substrate Tormentor

Substrate Tormentor

This indirect fire frigate is capable of saturating an area with artillery shells, causing damage to anything in its radius of attack. Although it lacks accuracy and direct single target damage, the Tormentor is at its most powerful against groups of units rather than structures.


-------------- NEW SCENARIOS --------------

Ascension  |  The Substrate have developed a prototype experimental Eye of Darkness. Defeat it before you’re wiped out.

Battleline  |  Push out strong units, maintain your resource levels, and survive against a large Substrate army.

Carnage [PHC]  |  In the biggest scenario to date, face down 7 enemy Substrate opponents while also helping your 6 allies stay alive long enough for you to claim victory.

Carnage [Substrate]  |  In the biggest scenario to date, face down 7 enemy PHC opponents while also helping your 6 allies stay alive long enough for you to claim victory.


Deadlock  |  Build up your forces and fight off the Substrate before they reach critical mass or overrun you.

Entropy  |  The PHC are attempting to overrun your Substrate base before you gain a critical mass of Turinium. Hold them off.

Incursion  |  The PHC have launched an attack on Substrate territory. There is no one around to help - you will have to defeat them on your own.

Influx  |  Ventrix has tainted the name of the PHC for long enough. Overcome the scarcity of resources and take him out with vicious orbital attacks.

PHC Atlas   Substrate Tormentor


-------------- NEW MAPS --------------

Nashira  |  Enormous symmetrical 14 player map designed for standard 7v7 games

Entropy  |  Large asymmetric 1v3 map

Osiris 5  |  Large 2v2 with limited choke points through the center

Pallavia  |  Medium 2v2 with limited choke points through the center


Battleline  |  Medium 1v1 map

Battleline Frenzy  |  Medium, single lane 4v4 for combined defenses and huge clashes of forces

Galatea  |  Large symmetrical 10 player map designed for standard 5v5 games

Caldera  |  Large symmetrical 12 player map designed for standard 6v6 games


PHC Atlas


The new Secret Missions DLC is now available for $3.99

Ashes DLC - Get it NowAlso available from Steam

Save 10% with our community discount when you buy direct!

v2.7 Changelog:


Lowered volume of Agamemnon weaponry
Lowered volume of Substrate Regenerator. (Also affects Overmind and Queen)
New and improved Air Marauder Audio


Balanced the Radioactives between North and South teams on Rigel
Moved starting location of Nexus and added additional Radioactives on Walbright

Bug Fixes

Fixed Targetting issue with Reaper and Saboteur
Fixed an issue where Juggernaut weaponry was lowering the volume of other sounds
Fixed some tooltip errors


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