New Epic Map Pack DLC for Ashes of the Singularity Now Available

Posted on Thursday, July 21, 2016

Wage an Epic War on Sprawling New Maps
Grab your friends - and your enemies - for some matches of epic proportions on these new, large-sized maps!
Holding between 4 and 6 players, each map provides exciting opportunities for free-for-all matches,
large team matches, and more. The new scenario will leave you fighting for a planet's control
against the enemy Substrate in order to hold onto your fortified plateau long enough to seize victory.

NEW SCENARIO: Against All Odds
Intruder, alert! You've hacked your way into the Nexus that controls both Turinium
generators on the planet Qoshyk, but the 4 Substrate entities controlling the planet are now
aware of your presence. Mac has subverted the nearby Substrate Guardian and the automated
constructs swarms are being held in check for now, but how long will that last?


AnishanaaThis 6-player map contains isolated starting regions that funnel into epic battles along the map’s equator.

Xenophile - All four Nexuses start in the middle, separated only by thin chasms. Expand out into the fields to claim all of the resources before your enemies do and seal the victory.

PinwheelEndlessly turning one before the other, don’t become too focused on the fight in front of you - the fight from behind will sneak up sooner than you realize.


QoshykTwo central starting points share a resource-rich plateau. The four outer players must break through to seize the resources - and the Turinium - that are guarded within.

SafeireChoose different teams and starting locations to change the way this map plays. An Eastern or Western starting point makes for a slower and more expansive game, while a Northern or Southern starting point will make for more immediate conflicts.

KursckKeep your enemies out and your armies flowing by building up defenses on this large, radially symmetrical map. 

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