Ashes of the Singularity: v1.11 Released!

Posted on Saturday, May 7, 2016

Ashes of the Singularity v1.11 was released today.  The update is a lot bigger than its 0.01 version change might indicate.



  • Lots of campaign balance updates
  • Mini map region icons now scale based on their output
  • Unit and weapon balance updates
  • Lots of small usability improvements


Change Log


  • m04 (caletheon) unlock amplify, amplifier, power regulator, energy projector, weapons lab, carving turret, intensive care, scan projector
  • OVERLORD DLC: update Assault map preview & lobby overlay
  • Fix sentry weapon tooltip (also it now has its own weapon module)
  • Mission3b (yorkshire): added victory string. cascading victory conditions, and support for victory speech
  • Mission3b (Yorkshire) unlock apollo
  • Mission4 (caletheon) unlock apollo
  • Mission6 (artorius) unlock apollo
  • Fix module text for martyr bolts
  • Updated tooltips for difficulty settings
  • Turn off normal creeps
  • Add weak neutral guardians to early regions
  • Removed difficulty option from tutorial
  • Starting locations for Fast and Furious made clearer
  • Balance update to Cerius, Cygnus and Kralon maps
  • Memory reduction
  • Starting locations now dynamtically handled
  • Sortable map lists
  • Putting shield bars on the building HP bars (same as the units already have)
  • Matchmaking rank as a mouseover in the lobby setup screen
  • Camera's cached follow unit rigid body ID may be mismatched as the rigid bodies are recreated on load, so if the camera was locked on a unit during save, it might be locked on something different (and not a unit at all) on load. Per Marc, clearing the camera's follow flags on load.
  • Translate benchmark names; this is to deal with German localization
  • Scaling minimap icons for Metal and Radioactives
  • Fix bug with mega map ignoring spacebar if it was opened by clicking the button.
  • Fix rank offsets when player indices are sparse
  • Dynamically add weapon properties to weapon module tool tips including:
    • Armor Piercing
    • Area Damage
    • Target Radar Contacts
    • Long Recharge
    • Requires Energy
  • Clear Player.m_uiSeedConstructionModule on startup. Fixes missing rally point from seed on game reentrance
  • Switch Difficulty pulldown to go upward if resolution is too low.
  • Fix for drawing paths for selected enemy units
  • Dialog Sequencer streaming audio hookup
  • correction to streaming audio closed flag in DialogSequencer.
  • Fix for bad HideDifficulty flag after exiting missions
  • Fix for camera following unit as it dies
  • Fix to make substrate units not show shields while under construction
  • Remove test audio from Tutorial dialog
  • Keep camera Theta bounded to 0-2PI
  • Data drive for Unit Panel buttons (modder love)
  • New sized Region icons 26x26
  • Mini Map icons in 3 sizes
  • Updated the Info Icon atlas to include the newest Skirmish unit. Did the same for the Empire Tree icon atlas.
  • Made the accent color on the Skirmish icon red. Also added the Skirmish icon to the build menu grid.
  • Updated the metaunit icon grid to include the new skirmish unit.
  • Added the new F3 key functionality.
  • Added 2 new mission images.
  • Added 3rd mission image.
  • Updated the image.
  • Pathfinding improvements
  • Army formation improvements
  • AI more aggressively responds to being attacked
  • Various improvements to formations
  • Cruisers can be built at factory after Shift clicking
  • allow air units to be attached to t1 based armies
  • [breaks saves] AI was using Carving Turret as a counter to Drone Swarm
  • F3 selects all of your unattached air on screen (needs keymap picture updated)
  • AI Improvements
  • Wingtip trail fixup
  • Reduce likelihood of AI wasting a cast on a probing force
  • Don't continously go into Building Placement mode when holding down a key
  • Gateway build time incresed from 30 to 40 seconds
  • Gateway metal cost increased from 180 to 240
  • Gateway rad cost increasdd from 150 to 200
  • UI Support Huge sized maps
  • Camera can get closer
  • Polish pass on campaign maps
  • Slow & Steady VP increased to 2500
  • Single Player now made the first option
  • Formation improvements
  • MRVs improve their targeting
  • Damaging a unit will cause it to look for its assailant
  • Path finding smoothing
  • AI improvements to build order
  • Artemis gains building destroying weapon that does 400 damage per hit
  • Artemis normal weapons no longer can target buildings
  • Mauler primary weapon damage reduced from 101 to 82
  • Caleaathon normal level and below changed such that non-adjcancent regions gain smarty defenses and other early warning abilities.
  • Skirmish renamed to Single Player




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