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Posted on Monday, January 15, 2018 By GeneralsGentlemen

G'day and happy new year everyone! Today I'm revealing some more info about the upcoming DLC and talking some things happening in the community. 

**Upcoming DLC**
Hype announcement: Both Substrate and PHC are receiving a new frigate!


The Tormentor is an indirect fire frigate, capable of saturating an area with inaccurate artillery shells with area of effect damage. The Tormentor lacks the accuracy and single target damage of the Destructor Artillery Cruiser, making it intended for use against units rather than structures.

The Atlas is an anti-air and anti-drone frigate, allowing for frigate strategies to be more flexible and resilient against air units and Drone Hives. The Atlas is much less powerful than the Apollo cruiser, but only costing metal and being available from the factory makes the Atlas far more accessible.

Originally the new frigates, scenarios and maps were to be bundled with air transports as a "Mini Expansion" but air transports is a huge engineering undertaking, which would delay it significantly. So instead, we're going to be launching them separately as we will have all this great content ready that we want players to get their hands on. Expect an announcement and release over the next few weeks.

**Escalation Shoutcast**

Recently we posted a shoutcast I did of two top players, Shimbalama and Rbarnson. If you haven't done so already, subscribe to the Stardock YouTube channel as there will be more casts and Ashes content going up on there.

**Custom Launcher**

One of our community members made a custom launcher for Escalation. Change settings, launch and view benchmark results from the launcher without having to open the game.

So that's it for now. Here's to a great 2018!

ASHES DEV JOURNAL: December 2017

Posted on Friday, December 15, 2017 By GeneralsGentlemen

Hey guys! This week we launched the opt-in for the 2.65 update which when released, will wrap us up for the year.

Today I'm teasing some more info about the upcoming DLC and I'd like to send out best wishes to everyone for the holiday season!

**Upcoming DLC**

Part of the upcoming DLC will include a number of Scenarios and Skirmish/Multiplayer maps which I've been working on for the last two months. Many of the maps are in response to types that we currently lack such as symmetrical team-oriented 5v5/6v6/7v7. Here's Caldera, a Large 6v6 map!


The Scenarios face the players up against unique situations and battles unlike any of the existing campaign and scenario missions. In the Ascension Scenario, for example, the player needs to build up and prepare for the Experimental Eye of Darkness which has insane damage and health and is sent out against the player after a delay. Here's a sneak peak of what that looks nice!

Ascension Video Showcase:

**Beginner's Guides**
I missed these just in time for last Dev Journal, but I want to extend another shout out to CenturianMudPig who has been doing some excellent beginner guides. These may be useful for yourself, or when introducing new players to the game to get them up to speed.

PHC Beginner's Guide:
Substrate Beginner's Guide:

So that's it from us for 2017! Stardock will be closed over Christmas for a week, but I'll be hanging about on the Ashes Discord as always. Thanks to everyone for what's been an incredible year, working on a project like Ashes has been a great experience!

ASHES DEV JOURNAL: November 2017

Posted on Monday, November 27, 2017 By GeneralsGentlemen

vt63DkU.jpg (1920×406)

Hey guys! November was a busy month for us at Stardock due to our launch of the Star Control Origins beta. 

A couple of things to talk about today including an announcement!

##2.65 Update##
The next update we're working on is mainly focused on bug fixes, some introduced in 2.6 and some that have been around for a while but weren't prioritized because they were low impact. You can expect 2.65 to be out sometime before Christmas. 2.65 won't be as big or as interesting as our past updates, which is why it's not referred to as 2.7. That's because of:

##Major DLC/Minor Expansion##
We're working on a Major DLC/Minor Expansion that is currently scheduled for the first half of 2018. We're not yet ready to reveal much info about this, but what I will say is that air transports are planned as the main feature. We've already got some cool content lined up which I'm excited to launch! 

##From Classic RTS to Living Worlds##
This isn't directly related to Ashes, but this is an amazing video featuring insights into Stardock's vision for the future of strategy games. Maybe some of this vision will make it into an Ashes sequel? 

So that's it for now! Thanks again to everyone passionate about Ashes and active in our community.


Posted on Friday, October 27, 2017 By GeneralsGentlemen


For the past month we've been working on the 2.6 update which is currently in QA testing and scheduled for early November. I already revealed some info about it in the September Dev Journal, but I'd like to drop more of a teaser.

##Quality of Life Changes##
2.6 isn't going to be our most exciting update, but it contains a great deal of Quality of Life changes and gameplay reworks that have long been requested and players will be happy to see implemented. These includes things like larger cursors for higher resolutions and changes to the way players are alerted about Logistics. Never again will a Dreadnought be at 99.99% waiting for the player to press Logistics but without them being alerted to do so. 


I think these little improvements are cool; they add up and are so important in the long run for building a great game and growing a player base, which is why they took the priority over work on bigger projects such as air transports.

##Scalability of Production##
We pride Ashes on featuring epic battles on the large scale, so we want to enhance this by giving more scalability to late game production. Multiple Engineers and Constructors will be able to boost build speed more effectively, so long as players have the late game economy to support it. Refineries and Harvesters gave almost unlimited income potential, and now there will be unlimited build speed potential to match it.

Building advanced defenses in the late game is being streamlined; Avatars and Sappers will be able to directly construct advanced defenses without needing to upgrade from basic defenses, cutting out a bunch of clicks and time in the process. Late game will feel a lot better in 2.6.

##UI Changes##
There's a few changes to the UI coming in 2.6, but primarily a rework of the unit panel to remove wasted space and improve the usability and appearance of the different panels. Here's a sneak peak.

##Player Reports##

I want to extend a huge thank you to everyone who reports issues and bugs on our forums or Discord. We do monitor them regularly and there's been a few fixes in 2.6 that have only happened because a user brought our attention to it. We do thorough QA testing, but it's inevitable for things to slip through the cracks with something as complicated as Ashes. So thanks and keep it up!

##Economy Guide##

I'd like to give a community shoutout to an excellent video guide by CenturianMudPig. He explains how the economy works and all the ways to increase income. If you know someone new to the game or haven't quite figured it all yet, you may find this guide helpful!

That's it for now. Thanks for reading and thanks for being a great community! Stay tuned for 2.6 coming shortly.



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