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Stardock is investing heavily in the development of the Nitrous engine and publishing and co-designing Ashes of the Singularity with the talent at Oxide Games. Stardock has a rich 20+ year history as a software innovator and developer of the successful Galactic Civilizations III and Sins of a Solar Empire franchises.

Oxide Games’ founders have an impressive array of accomplishments, including:

  • Played key roles in developing Direct3D 9 and 10
  • Built more than four custom 3D procedural engines
  • Developed the technology that led Civilization V to be the first threaded Direct3D 11 engine
  • Designed and developed the award-winning Civilization V interface
  • Won a BAFTA award for work as lead programmer of Civilization V
  • Has over 40 years cumulative experience designing gameplay AI


  • Dan Baker
  • Tim Kipp
  • Marc Meyer
  • Brian Wade
  • Nathan Heazlett
  • Steve Langmead


  • Brad Wardell
  • Brian Clair
  • Chris Bray
  • Steve Egrie
  • Ryan Murray
  • Tom Symonds
  • Michael Curran

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