Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation v2.3 is Now Available

Posted on Thursday, June 8, 2017

Juggernauts and a Brand New Campaign Arrive in v2.3
Dominate the battlefield with two brand new tier 4 warships and experience the fully voiced "Genesis" campaign


Let's take a Quick Look at these Terrifying Tier 4 units:

PHC - The Leonidas
A heavy Dreadnought destroyer, this ship boasts the most powerful weapon ever mounted on a construct. It can tear Dreadnoughts apart and stand up to assaults by using its rail cannons and auto cannons for defense. The high cost is worth all of the heavy firepower of this Juggernaut; when it joins the war, you'd better find a way to deal with it quickly.
  Substrate - The Nest of the Queen
This massive warship summons an entire army of frigates to overwhelm the enemy with the support of rapidly-replacing assault and repair drones. The on-board shield generator makes this Juggernaut difficult to kill, marking it as a truly terrifying opponent on the battlefield.


Brand new, fully voiced campaign
In "Genesis," a new entity born of hubris and malice appears to threaten Post-humanity and Substrate alike.
You'll get to play as members of both the PHC and the Substrate in this 6-mission storyline that introduces the
Juggernaut units and allies old enemies in order to take down the entity that threatens to tear the galaxy apart.


The existing campaign has also received some revisions 
You'll have access to ships and orbitals that you weren't able to access before in the older missions, and the maps have
been adjusted to make more sense. If you thought that the higher level difficulties were too easy before, get ready for
a challenge - the AI has been improved so that it's no walk in the park!


 v2.3 is now available and waiting in your Steam client 
To see the full list of changes, please check the changelog below. 

For more information on Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation, please visit 


v2.3 Changelog:


We are excited to launch our new class of units: The Juggernauts. The Substrate Nest of the Queen and PHC Leonidas bring destruction to a whole new level; Juggernauts will be many times more powerful than Dreadnoughts and will be the ultimate late game weapon. Don't expect to see Juggernauts in your average match as their cost is substantial, but when a Juggernaut is fielded, serious firepower is needed to stop them in their tracks.

  • The Leonidas and Nest of the Queen are now available from the Advanced Assembly and Dread Launch 
  • Juggernauts also cost Quanta over time to produce
  • Rather than being capped at level 5 like Dreadnoughts, Juggernauts can level up infinitely. Each time a Juggernaut ranks up, it automatically receives a 5% bonus to health and damage. 
  • Both are devastating against all ground targets, but can be countered with air units.

The Leonidas is a heavy Dreadnought destroyer, boasting the most powerful weapon ever mounted on a construct. It can tear apart Dreadnoughts and has rail cannons and auto cannons for defense.

The Nest of the Queen summons an entire army of frigates to overwhelm the enemy with support of with assault drones, repair drones and a shield regenerator. Frigates and drones are rapidly replaced in combat, making the Queen truly terrifying to encounter.



2.3 comes with Episode 3 of the story-driven campaign which introduces the Leonidas and Nest of the Queen. Genesis features 6 new fully voiced missions in what will be our most challenging campaign to date, we’ve put a great deal of effort to make sure "Much Harder" is no walk in the park, even despite having access to the two new Juggernauts.

Imminent Crisis & Memories

In preparation for the new Genesis campaign, the original campaigns have been adjusted to improve the user experience and update them for the additional units and buildings introduced in Escalation. For most new players, Imminent Crisis will be their introduction to Ashes of the Singularity so we wanted to improve the first impressions. The changes done to these campaigns is far too extensive to list here, but you can view the full campaign changelog here.


  • New Maps: Seginus, Mizar, Achernar, Lyra and Eltanin and added for free. Thanks to Luxlupus for his work on these!
  • Kralon, Regulus, Seginus and Mizar added to automatch map pool
  • Oneiros removed from Skirmish and Multiplayer list


Ganymede had too little Radioactives which limited strategic diversity and unit flexibility. It also had a huge concentration of Metal in the corners which made the middle of the map less valuable and too pushing for a player who gets locked out of the corner. These changes will affect the Memories Campaign Mission.

Changes applied:

  • Added additional Radioactives deposits into the middle of the map
  • Spread Metal Deposits out from the corners


Seton was unfair for certain teams and players due to having access to different amounts of resources. Its pathways were also extremely narrow. We are adjusting it to make it fair for every player. Thanks to Luxlupus for his work updating Seton.

Changes applied:

  • Both teams now have symetrical resource layouts
  • Every player now has access to the same amount of resources. 
  • Increased the width of the pathways to ease congestion

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where pathing was being disrupted on the north of Maurn
  • Fixed an issue where the Substrate orbital, Regenerate, would not heal units with full health
  • Reverted an unintentional change to the colouring of the Logistics text
  • “Rush Build” now properly doubles resource drain in exchange for double production speed.

Quality of Life

  • Quanta income is displayed to two decimal places. (One Relay is +0.25 Quanta income)
  • Added menu option to re-enable right-click form armies.
  • Added a map option to disable Juggernauts
  • Reduced amount of data used when launching the game, which may improve startup time for some users
  • Exterminator Turret screen shake effect removed

Balance Changes

2.25 update has put balance and strategic diversity in a nice spot, and as a result balance changes was only a small focus for 2.3. The following balance changes are aimed at tweaking some of the under performing and over performing outliers. 



  • The Eradicator’s inability to target buildings was contrived and unnecessary given the huge tech requirements, cost and slow movement speed. We are allowing the Eradicator to target buildings to make it more flexible.
  • Main gun can now target buildings

Drone Hive

  • The Drone Hive was overshadowing the Avenger against Frigates. Now the Avenger is much cheaper and faster.
  • Drove Hive Metal cost increased from 310 to 350


  • There was no reason for the Sapper to be as painfully slow as it was.Sapper movement speed and acceleration increased to match the Engineer.


Dreadnoughts were the only PHC units to have an energy bar, yet only their special abilities required it. This was misleading as their main weapons didn’t require energy to fire, and created problems when Dreadnoughts ran out of energy since PHC have no tool to replenish it. We are removing the energy from PHC Dreadnoughts as it is unnecessary since the abilities already have long cooldowns. 

  • PHC Dreadnoughts no longer have energy
  • PHC Dreadnought abilities no longer consume energy

The auto cannons on the PHC Dreadnought were under performing as they only had 300 range, which often was not enough to get within range of their targets. We are increasing the range of auto cannons so they can better contribute and make Dreadnoughts less vulnerable to mass Frigates.

  • All PHC Dreadnoughts auto cannon range increased from 300 to 600


  • The Chronus was under performing
  • Damage increased from 45 to 60


  • We are lowering the time it takes for The Overmind to replenish its Drones to make it perform more consistently and make it better perform compared to the Drone Hive. 
  • Drone Respawn time reduced from 4 to 2


The Savager had far too little shields at only 40% of the health, which could be frustrating as Substrate have no way to repair health. Giving the Savager more shields also improves the bonus that the Shield Regeneration upgrade provides.  

  • Health and Shields changed from 10,000/4000 to 7000/7000


Exterminator Turret

  • The Exterminator Turret was underperforming compared to the Pulverizer and Oblivion turrets
  • Exterminator Turret damage increased from 300 to 375

Shredder Turret

  • The Shredder turret was over performing and is losing damage and life time on its Drones to compensate. 
  • Shredder Plasma Ball, damage reduced from 400 to 300 
  • Drone life time reduced from 60 seconds to 20
  • Drone Canister reload increased from 3.5 to 6
  • Drone Canister minimum range lowered from 250 to 50

Barrager Turret

The Sentinel and Oblivion turrets are supposed to be the long range defenses, it didn't make sense for the Barrager to have as much range as it did. We are removing the air attack from the Smarty and Barrager for mostly cosmetics reasons. Air units have much higher health pools than ground units, so the air damage on a Smarty was negligible, serving only to obscure where the real damage sources were coming from. This clouded the visual clarity, especially since Constables and Smarties used the same rocket projectile. There are plenty of methods to counter air units, Smarties and Barragers attacking air units is just superfluous. 

  • Barrager range lowered from 900 to 800
  • Barrager and Smarty can no longer target air units


The shield Regeneration rate was negligible and made it not worth the cost. We are increasing its regeneration rate to make it more desirable. This will also affect the Regeneration Projectors on the Overmind and Nest of the Queen

  • Shields replenished per burst increased from 15 to 45. 

Repair Bay

  • The repair bay was too cheap for how potent it was in synergy with other defenses, especially as how it could repair itself so easily.
  • Radioactives cost increased from 90 to 180



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