Ashes of the Singularity

Planet by planet, a war is raging across the galaxy. The technological singularity has given humanity the power to expand further than they ever have before. Now, they compete with each other and their sentient artificial intelligence adversaries for control of newfound worlds.


  • v1.2 Included: Newly enhanced campaign mode, new Substrate Eradicator
      unit and PHC Athena unit, and more.
  • v1.1 Included: New "probe" ability, "intermediate" difficulty, and selectable
      difficulty levels in campaign mode.


Grab your friends - and your enemies - for some matches of epic proportions on these new, large-sized maps! Holding between 4 and 6 players, each map provides exciting opportunities for free-for-all matches, large team matches, and more. The new scenario will leave you fighting for a planet’s control against the enemy Substrate in order to hold onto your fortified plateau long enough to seize victory.


  • Scenario
    • Against all Odds - Intruder, alert! You’ve hacked your way into the
        Nexus that controls both Turinium generators on the planet Qoshyk,
        but the 4 Substrate entities controlling the planet are now aware of
        your presence. Mac has subverted the nearby Substrate Guardian and
        the automated construct swarms are being held in check for now, but
        how long will that last?
  • Maps
    • Anishanaa - This 6-player map contains isolated starting regions that
        funnel into epic battles along the map’s equator.
    • Kursck - Keep your enemies out and your armies flowing by building
        up defenses on this large, radially symmetrical map.
    • Pinwheel - Endlessly turning one before the other, don’t become too
        focused on the fight in front of you - the fight from behind will sneak
        up sooner than you realize.
    • Qoshyk - Two central starting points share a resource-rich plateau. The
        four outer players must break through to seize the resources - and the
        Turinium - that are guarded within.
    • Safeire - Choose different teams and starting locations to change the
        way this map plays. Choosing an Eastern or Western starting point
        makes for a slower and more expansive game while selecting a
        Northern or Southern starting point will make for more immediate
    • Xenophile - All four Nexuses start in the middle, separated only by thin
        chasms. Expand out into the fields to claim all of the resources before
        your enemies do and seal the victory.


Bunker down and turtle up - it’s time for war! This new DLC pack for Stardock’s massive RTS features new unique gameplay scenarios and new maps to keep your skirmishes fresh. Prepare your defenses for any punches your enemies throw at you and be ready to launch a devastating counterstrike to seal your victory in Turtle Wars.


  • Scenarios
    • Implosion - Race against three enemies to be the first to crack the
        defenses of a crashed Post-Human and their experimental Turinium
    • Eruption - Cut off from your factories, you must command a single
        Hyperion Dreadnought and a scattering of defensive structures to turn
        the tides of battle.
    • Mountaintop - Exploit your resource-heavy advantage and create
        massive forces to climb the mountain to the enemy entrenchment and
        wipe them out.
    • Turtle Wars - Hold off the frigates swarming from indestructible
        factories and survive the siege. Reprogram the factories to your
        advantage before the enemy crosses the mountain and finishes you off.
  • Maps
    • Crack the Shell - Hold the high ground and the Turinium against your
        enemies in this asymmetrical 3-player map, best for 2v1 matches.
    • Turtle Wars - Enjoy a longer duel with your enemy on this epic-scale
        2-player map. The open landscape with select chokepoints encourages
        huge armies and larger battles.
    • Eruption - Choose your path wisely - one leads to the lone Turinium
        Generator, the other to resources in this small 2-player map.
    • Implosion - One valley with an abundance of resources stands at the
        center of this large, asymmetrical map fit for a 4-player free for all with
        huge armies.


The war for control continues in Gauntlet! Featuring a new single-player scenario and some new maps for multiplayer, Gauntlet will have you beating your foes into submission in one exciting battle after the next.


  • Scenario
    • Gauntlet - Two Substrate entities are fighting an ongoing war with
        tremendous armies you can’t possibly hope to match. Can you
        somehow cross the battlefront to capture - and hold - the lone
        Turinium Generator in the far north?
  • Maps
    • Tanuk - Enjoy this medium sized and symmetrical map, great for free
        for all, a 3-team split, or 3 player rumble! This intense map can host up
        to 6 players.
    • Nightshade - Join up with some teammates for a classic compstop on
        this large 4-player map, or take on 3 foes by yourself from a strong
        vantage point.
    • Frontier - Challenge yourself against your friends or the AI in this large,
        5-player ice map. A single player starts in the middle on top of a
        winding plateau and must fend off the surrounding enemies who are
        mounting up to strike.
    • Hammer of the Gods - Duke it out for the tempting Turinium
        Generator in the center of the battlefield or seize control of all of the
        resource-rich basins on the edges of your territory in this 4-player map,
        great for free-for-all or 2v2 skirmishes.
    • Delphi - Set up your defenses on one of the plateaus dotting this small,
        4-player map. Great for free-for-all or team matches, the generators
        and resources spread around will be sure to draw any turtles out of
        their shells.


Unite the forces of the Post-Human Coalition and the Substrate and conquer your foes in exciting new single-player scenarios that will test your strategy and skill. Then, for some multiplayer excitement, explore new maps that range from 2 player skirmishes all the way up to large, 6-player rumbles.


  • Scenarios
    • Overlord - An overpowering Substrate entity controls the only Turinium
        Generator on the map. The PHC has managed to hack one of the
        Substrate’s assemblies, allowing you to build their units in addition to
        your own. Can you and your two AI allies smash through the enemy’s
        defenses before the planetary conversion is complete?
    • Assault - Massive waves of enemy frigates are flooding and controlling
        the world of Pythos. Combining your PHC forces with hacked Substrate
        forces - including a powerful Avatar unit - you will need to fight to turn
        the tables and take back the world.
  • Maps
    • Fast and Furious - Get right to the combat in this small, fast 2-player
    • Dread Valley - Capture the generators and seize control in this small,
        open area 4-player map.
    • Slow and Steady - Team up and conquer your foes in this large,
        6-player map ideal for 3v3 matches.
    • Assault - Enjoy an epic 1v1 match on this asymmetrical map from the
        Assault scenario.
    • Scavenger - If you feel like an old-fashioned ‘comp stomp’, this map
        from the Overlord scenario is great for a 3v1 setup.
    • Frozen Wastes - Resources are scarce and there’s a giant mountain in
        the way that you must conquer in this small, 4-player map.

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